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It has just taken me an hour to re-figure out how to even create this post. I have struggled with this WordPress site since the day I took over from my webmaster, who retired in 2020. Oh, she walked me through everything and I took meticulous notes, but I never loved this complicated format and thus never really kept it up as I should have. So, in October I took a chance and found a host that was so much easier for me to use. You can find my updated website here on the FASO hosting site, which was created specifically for artists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing WordPress at all – it’s just not for me.

My new site address is

Yes, the email will remain available along with my newest, but this site will come down at some point in 2023 and the domain will point you to the new site. I hope you get a chance to visit me over there in my new web home, where you can also sign up for my newsletter and see new (and old) works and work in progress (on the blog.) I look forward to seeing you over there.